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I would like to thank for nominating Faith Love Soul for this special award!   Simplisticinsights is an inspirational blog with helpful tips on how to navigate through this life in a more positive light!  Check it out, it is sure to have a positive impact in your life!

Here are the rules: 

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How my Blog got started:

I have always had a passion for writing and communicating with others.  And so I had been thinking about starting my own blog for quite sometime, however I put the thought on the back burner for awhile.  Until several months ago that is.  With a little push from my supportive son, I decided to “go for it”.  I can tell you it has been a wonderful experience connecting to other bloggers and learning from each of them!

My advice to new Bloggers:

  1.  Always be true to your yourself and express it through your writing.
  2. Write about what you’re passionate about with an honest heart.

My Nominations:









Embrace your humble beginnings

Grow in your time

Don’t allow external forces to bring you down

Stand tall

Always remain calm and breathe

Stay grounded

Ride out the storm

Learn change from leaves

Embrace your natural beauty

Grow so tall and big that you can always offer shelter to people around you!

Celebrate Earth Day!

April 22, 2017






It’s now officially Spring, although around here one wouldn’t notice much.  Due to Florida’s climate, it’s “green” all year around.

But regardless, I STILL LOVE SPRING!

I think I’ve always loved this time of year because for me it signifies a rebirth. The ending of something and the beginning of another.  But endings can be difficult, especially those endings we don’t expect.  We’re creatures of habit, and so ending something familiar means something is over, it’s done, finished!

There are no right or wrong ways on how to navigate endings.

Truthfully, it’s all about moving through them without getting stuck!

And so, I would like to offer a different perspective on how to view personal endings that has helped me gain a more positive outlook.


Ever heard someone say “When one door closes, another door opens.” Close that door, that chapter in your life, and look forward to your new beginning. Have courage to tackle what’s to come!


Undoubtedly, at some point we WILL all experience different seasons in our lives. Trust in God’s timing! Remember it is not for us to fully comprehend.  When we surrender, the rest follows!


Moving towards a future we do not know can be scary. But proceed with faith and rest assured that something so much better will be waiting on the other side of your unknown!


No one should tell you how you should feel. And certainly no one should minimize your feelings. Dealing with endings does resemble grief, and so the grief process is as unique as the person going through it. Be patient with yourself, so you can move through it in YOUR time.


Things will get easier!  Remember that nothing lasts forever.  Transitions are always hard at first.  But when you remain hopeful, it allows you to find the good in your situation!


The transition between endings and beginnings does not have to be a difficult one.  Allow yourself the time needed to let go of your past, so that you can move gracefully into your future!

Remember that Just because something has ENDED,

doesn’t mean it’s THE END!





It’s Not What You Say!



There must be a million ways to express yourself through using words.  We love to say “warm and fuzzy” things to people because if we’re honest, saying them makes US feel better. We also have an internal motivation for doing it as well.  You see, when we say what others want to hear, we are well liked, accepted, and included.

But let’s face it, words can deceive!  It’s easy for someone to say just about ANYTHING.  And if you add a nice little smile to what you’re saying, then you’ve “got it in the bag!”

Let’s remember . . . IT’S NOT WHAT YOU SAY, IT’S WHAT YOU DO!

It’s easy to talk.  It takes minimal effort to tell someone you care, or you’re thinking about them.  It takes about 1 minute to write a little comment on social media, or send a quick text.  Truthfully, anyone can do that!

And there is nothing wrong with this, except that you never really know how much honesty there is behind it? Remember anyone can say what they think you want to hear and oftentimes, when given the chance, that’s exactly what they will do.

But “doing” is a verb!

Words are great, but it is only when they are followed by action that they make the most impact!  Action however, takes effort! Doing for others or showing you care takes you out of your comfort zone.  It interrupts your “daily plans.” It inconveniences you!

Don’t be fooled by words.  Use your judgment to recognize truth from fiction.  Use the intuition God equipped you with to distinguish between when someone is genuine or not.

And once you put this into practice, surround yourself with the people who will actually “DO” for you, and not just “SAY” they will!

Keep in mind . . .

While someone’s words make a SOUND, it’s their actions that SCREAM!


“When God Winks”

“God Winks”

“A personal signal or message, directly from a higher power, usually, but not always, in the form of a coincidence.”

A God Wink is a coincidence, with a personal message directly from God!

Ever had such a thing happen to you?  I know it’s happened to me many times throughout my life, whether at the time I noticed it or not.

The interesting thing about God Winks is that, when we choose to pay close attention to them, they are there to guide us throughout our life and our chosen path.

God Winks serve as small nudges that push us towards our destination, in perfect synchronicity!

Remember as a child, perhaps at the dinner table you looked over at your grandfather and he winked at you.  At that moment, you knew he was sending the message that “Everything will be okay,  and I’m thinking about you.”

A God Wink is also a message of reassurance from God when you are at crossroads in your life.  It is the BEST way that God communicates with us to let us know that he is guiding us along our personal journey and that He has a perfect plan for us.

Pay attention to your very own God Winks!  And next time you receive your wink, realize that this coincidence happened for a reason, and that’s to let you know one thing:




(from the book “When God Winks” by Squire Rushnell)







Whether you believe this to be true or not . . .


No failure, no mistake, no pain, no loss,

no experience . . . NOTHING!

There are reasons why things happen!  It’s as though there is a perfect master plan for our lives.   And although oftentimes we might not fully comprehend it, nevertheless it is unfolding daily.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Really?,  A master plan?”

I don’t proclaim to fully understand it myself, although I have experienced it to some degree.  I can tell you that while going through trials in my own life, at first it makes absolutely NO SENSE!

But as time passes, things have a way of becoming clearer.  You see, time allows us to have a deeper understanding of our situations and our circumstances.

Ever held a paper with written words right up close to your eyes?  All you see is just blurred writing, right?  But as you slowly move that paper away from your eyes, the writing starts to become clearer.  Continue moving it farther away and you will begin to see even better. However, it is not until your paper is held at a far enough distance from your eyes, that reading is possible.  And it is at this pivotal moment that you begin to make sense of it all!

It is in this SAME WAY that we experience every trial and every circumstance in our lives.  At first, we cannot make sense of it. In those first moments or even days we question EVERYTHING!  What usually follows is doubt, anger, fear, we sense loss, feel irritable and even bitter!

BUT AS TIME PASSES, it allows us to have clearer vision to fully understand that for every failure, mistake, pain, loss, or difficult experience, THERE IS A PURPOSE AND A LESSON TO BE LEARNED!

You see, NOTHING you’ve ever been through is wasted!

No trial you’ve ever gone through has been in vain!