Everyone is an Accountant


Investing is one of the best ways for anyone to create wealth. We deposit funds into our bank accounts to save for a rainy day. After all, the more money we save, the better. But we rarely think of investing in each other the same way. Similar to a bank account, we each have an emotional bank account where we can make deposits into each other. An emotional bank account is an account of trust instead of money. This account is a metaphor for how much trust exists in us and in others. But how often do we truly invest in others?

Perhaps we don’t think of investing in others because we view ourselves as SEPARATE from each other. That’s YOUR life and YOUR circumstances, and this is MY life and MY circumstances. We don’t trust others enough to share pieces of our life. And so we end up feeling discouraged and alone. But we NEED each other!

As different as we are, we are all connected as one. I want you to take a moment and say this statement. “I am not separate from you, just like you are not separate from each other”. This is a powerful statement and one that can change how we view those around us. We are not meant to do life alone. God placed the people in our lives for a reason, a bigger purpose. It is no coincidence!

Everyone is an accountant. Invest in your relationships and don’t take those around you for granted.

Here are some ways you can begin your investments. Be present for someone else even if it’s just to listen. Seek first to understand. Show compassion, respect, and kindness. Keep promises and be loyal to someone, even in their absence. You will be surprised how much you have to offer someone else! Don’t underestimate the power you have to help others. You never know when you will be a blessing to another person. Our accounts with the people we interact with on a regular basis require our constant investment. Building and repairing relationships takes time and effort. But it will be well worth it. When you give cheerfully from the heart, you will receive a tenfold return!

Today, begin by taking the road less traveled. Speak kind words, give without receiving, love without condition, be the first to forgive, and listen with zero judgment. Leave people feeling better than when you found them.

“Maybe we are not here to see each other, but rather to see each other through.”



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