If I knew then what I know now . . .


I’ve heard that phrase so many times before. I would venture to say I’ve heard it hundreds of times. At some point or another, I think we all have!

Wisdom comes from experience. It can’t be learned in a classroom or in some type of intense training. No doubt, your experiences will make the biggest impact! And while it is nice to be young and innocent, there is something to be said about being older and wiser.

So last week I thought, what if I had the opportunity to give my younger self some valuable advice? Here’s what I would share to let her know some things I know NOW, that I didn’t know THEN.

Dear Younger self,

Commit today to eating healthier, no excuses! Keep in mind we are what we eat and eating poorly will and does catch up with you later in life. Don’t stress over the small stuff and believe that everything will work out in the way that it’s intended to.

Be certain that “what’s meant to be will not pass you by.” So there’s no need to hold on so tightly. Learn to place more trust on that little voice inside of you that speaks whenever things don’t feel right and allow it to guide you better.

Younger self, I would encourage you not to be so hard on your self when it comes to raising your babies. Learn to feel proud, because you are always trying to do your personal best and most of the time you do. As for making mistakes, I will tell you they are essential! How else will your children learn that people are not perfect, and that YOU are no exception?

When you lose your patience remember you are only human and patience is a virtue that takes time to develop. As for your messy home, you are allowing your children to be children and so encouraging them to build tent houses out of bed sheets is in fact a GIFT.

Younger self, don’t forget to spend as much time with your parents before it’s too late, because they are a gift worth more than gold!

Please allow yourself more “me” time as often as you can. And all those answers you desperately seek, I will tell you younger self, you DON’T have to have all the answers. Remember you only know a PART of your story, but God knows the WHOLE. So trust and let it go!

Oh, and younger self, one final note! When you come to a fork in the road, and you don’t know which way to turn, learn to accept the advice and assistance of the people who have your BEST INTEREST at heart. Ultimately your decisions will be YOURS to make. But keep in mind those decisions will CHART the course of your life.

As for the person reading this, as you reflect on your own life, I suppose like me, you wish you COULD’VE known then, what you know now. But I think that would be considered cheating.

Besides something tells me, the better teacher will be not from the PASSIVE reading of this post, but from the ACTIVE participation in YOUR OWN LIFE!


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