The “Suddenlies” Of Life


Ever have a situation or event in your life happen SUDDENLY? What I’m referring to are those small and seemingly “insignificant” events. The ones that catch us by complete SURPRISE.  And SURE they seem harmless at first, however after the fact they stay with us for quite some time.

These events are the “Suddenlies” of life.  And these “Suddenlies” may have looked something like this . . .

“I arrived at the airport on time and SUDDENLY they announced the flight was delayed until tomorrow.”

“I was talking with a trusted friend and SUDDENLY without her knowledge, something she said happened to be the PERFECT words I needed to hear at that exact moment.”

“I was thinking about calling someone I hadn’t heard from in quite some time and SUDDENLY while at the mall, I ran into them.”

“I was working at my job for years and SUDDENLY I was told the company was closing.”

The “Suddenlies” of life test our patience and stretch us in unexpected ways. They serve as our yellow or red lights of our lives. They force us to take some time to yield or completely stop to recharge, rethink, or reorganize something in our life.

So next time a “suddenly” in YOUR life appears, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it showing up to move me out of a certain situation?
  2. Is it here to redirect my path by providing an “ah ha” moment or teach a valuable lesson?
  3. Is it a reminder for me to reconnect with someone because that person is meant to be a significant person in my future?
  4. Or is it here to give me a “much needed” push that will surely provide something bigger or better for me?

Take time to ponder over these questions. Remain open and when the “Suddenlies” in your life show up, however peculiar or inconvenient they may feel, embrace them!




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