A Mother’s Love

images.jpg       Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.  You see being a mother is so much more than genetic makeup.  And although conceiving a child and all that it entails is truly one of God’s greatest miracles, the journey of being a mother takes much commitment, strength, and LOVE!

It is said that a mother’s love is a reflection of God’s love. A mother’s love is eternal, pure, and unconditional.  She rejoices with her child’s happiness and cries with their disappointments.

A mother’s love never fails or falters. It is deeper than the ocean’s depth and infinitely wider. She is her child’s first friend, and more importantly the most genuine. She instinctively knows when her child feels sad or burdened by struggles, without ever having to exchange a single word.

A mother is the constant and the rock on which her children stand.

When feeling down, she is their up.  When feeling low, she is their high.

A mother’s love is the soft pillow for her child to land on and their sunshine on cloudy days.

A mother is the wind that carries her child when they can no longer fly, however will unselfishly give her child wings once they decide they can.

Today, in honor of Mother’s Day, I would like to close with a quote that perfectly sums up what my mom means to me and the legacy she left behind.

“All that I am or hope to be I owe to my angel mother”

Thank you mom for filling my heart with enough love to last me a lifetime!



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