Everything Beautiful In Perfect Time!


I recently sat down with someone that has endured a very difficult situation in their life and I asked him this ONE question.

What do you think the challenges you have endured this past year were here to teach you?

They answered . . .

“I think it happened to teach me not to take things in this life so hard.” 

“To STOP stressing over the small stuff.” 

 “I used to allow the SMALLEST things to affect me in the BIGGEST ways.”  

“I no longer do that.”

After their answer, my eyes filled with tears.  I was truly humbled!  And it wasn’t so much because it took him this immense struggle to realize there is a better, much easier way to live.  No, for me it was more about the change I saw in his eyes, in the tone of his voice, even in his body language.

I was humbled that God did ALL that . . . for him!

And although the long road they had to take in order to arrive to this more enlightened state has been long and hard, it was worth every minute of it.

For a softer, kinder version of this person has emerged and a peaceful heart and soul lives inside him now.

NEVER doubt God’s plans, for they are perfect in every way!


He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Ecclesiastes 3:11





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