In The Blink Of An Eye . . .


In the blink of an eye our lives can take a drastic turn. 

I learned this valuable lesson at the ripe age of twenty. Unfortunately, this came from losing someone very dear to me. Hard lesson to learn so young, and although I was forever changed, thank God I persevered!

We learn our best lessons from the most difficult times in our lives.

And so, it goes . . .

We can’t have sunshine without rain.

 Laughter without tears.

 For to stand on the mountaintop, we must first walk in the valley.  

 It’s just the way it is!

I was reminded this past week how VERY FRAGILE life is.  A harsh reminder, but I guess it was THAT time again. . . “reminder time”.  Now and then we need a little jolt, not only to set us back on track, but to set those around us as well.

And so, as I move forward with this realization, I proceed with renewed clarity.

I love a little deeper,

Laugh a bit louder,

Hug people tighter, and

Live this one life like there is no tomorrow.

For in the blink of an eye it can all change.






4 thoughts on “In The Blink Of An Eye . . .

  1. Yes, very true. I learned that lesson a little older in life. And it has also changed the way I look at life now. We all take things for granted, like if we deserved anything, when even the breath we take each second of our lives is not ours, it is given to us as a gift. But we cannot see it until suddenly, something unexpectedly happens. May we learn to be grateful every morning when we wake up for the simple gift of life!

    Your Sis. 🌹

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