Unexpected Message

As you walk up my front door, there, you will find a standing message board. Looking back now, I can’t even remember how the vision of placing a board next to my front door even came to be?  All I can tell you is that one day I went shopping and there it was, so I bought it!

Shortly after bringing the board home, I thought it would be a nice idea to use it to write positive, inspiring messages for my family and I to read as we walk up to our front doorstep. And so, my journey began to write one new message each week!

Choosing the “perfect weekly message” however was another story.  You have no idea how I used to perseverate over WHAT to write.  Shhhh, please don’t tell my family, they might think I’m a bit weird!  🙂

Nowadays, thankfully my choices are a bit more sporadic.  I either get inspired by someone I talk to or by something I see.  Other times, I am inspired by a special message on Sunday church or a thought that just pops in my head.

So, one sunny afternoon last week, I hear a knock at my front door.  I walk over and opened it only to find two young ladies standing there with wristbands inside a plastic container in one hand, and pamphlets in the other.  I of course asked how I could be of help.

They began by saying they were selling hand-made wristbands in exchange for a $10 donation.  They said they lived in an all woman’s, faith-based addiction center nearby.  Come to find out, they had been walking in my neighborhood, going door to door for the purpose of raising money and awareness for this organization.  So, after reading the pamphlet and talking with them further, I handed over the $10.00, making me the proud owner of a handmade wristband with a cross engraved on it.

Shortly after saying our mutual goodbyes, they began to walk away, only to turn back around to say “Thank you so much for your message board!”

Which by the way, the message this week read . . .

“God is fighting your battles. He’s got your back. Stay in Peace!”



With tears in their eyes they confessed that this day had been particularly difficult for them. But as they walked up my front door and read the message, EVERYTHING changed!  For this message inspired them and filled them with hope.

After they left, I closed my door and I’ll be honest, a deep joy came over me.  I thought my little, insignificant message board spoke to someone in a big, significant way!   And although my first intentions for this board selfishly was to inspire my family and I, now I realize I was thinking way too small.

For now, I am convinced that my weekly messages are meant for whoever God happens to lead to my front steps.

Remember God often talks to us through unconventional methods, when we least expect it!





17 thoughts on “Unexpected Message

  1. So true!!!! God is everywhere! love this. I think your board is a great idea! It was very nice of you to support the ladies with the braceletes:) I am sure they hear the word ‘no’ a lot unfortunately. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Thank you! The message on your board just made me cry too!!!! Just what I needed to hear right now too. We never know how we touch others when we put our messages out. Thanks for sharing yours x

    Liked by 1 person

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