5 Things I “LOST” When I Disconnected From Social Media




It has been 10 days that I made the decision to give myself a break from social media.  A “fasting” period if you will.  And let me tell you, it has been quite the experience!

Although there were several motivating factors for my “social media fasting,” one of the primary reasons for this journey was my need for daily “social media check-ins.”   My “check-ins,” if I’m being honest, have evolved from approximately twice a week, to anywhere from 2 to 6 times a day! And that just didn’t sit well with me!

Today I am at the end of my 10 day fast.  And in these past 10 days I have gained perspective, and learned new things about myself.

But what I’d like to share with you all are the 5 things I lost that stood out to me the most.

  1. I lost the need to compare myself to others.

Let me explain. Although they say, “a picture says a thousand words”, it does not!  A picture is simply capturing a moment in time, a second of our lives.  We post tons of pictures on social media and the majority are happy, beautiful ones.  However, it does not say the whole story.  We often look at a picture on social media and silently “wish” we could have THAT life.  But what we need to remember is that this is only one moment in their life and it doesn’t tell their entire story.  Each of our lives consist of ups and downs, happy, positive seasons and seasons of trials and sadness. There is no one exempt!  Remember this when viewing others pictures on social media and comparing your life to theirs.

  1. I lost the need for others to know what I am doing.

While there is nothing wrong with posting a small blurb of where you’ve been, I no longer feel it is necessary to let everyone know what I am doing on a daily, weekly basis.  It is okay to go somewhere and not have to let everyone else in on it.

  1. I lost my lack of focus.

I’d like to believe that I’ve always been a pretty focused person.  Sure, in the past I would lose some focus from time to time, but social media derailed it!  And so, these past 10 days I have given my full attention to the things that truly matter in my life.  I have more time now for the things that fill my soul with meaning and purpose.

  1. I lost my need to impress others.

I have never been the type of person to feel the need to impress others, however after a period of time, social media can do just that.  I no longer feel the need to post anything that doesn’t serve me or others at a deeper level. I am at peace with what others might think, simply because as long as I am pleasing God and being true to myself, nothing else matters.

  1. I lost my fear of “disconnecting.”

We live in a world where we are digitally connected 24/7 and when we aren’t, we don’t know what to do!  These last 10 days have given me freedom!  Freedom to use my “free” time in a more productive manner.  I no longer feel I’m a slave to checking in on something that brings zero benefit to my personal life. So now, I’ve had more time to read books that inspire me.  I’ve had more time to have meaningful conversations with others, so that I can learn from them or help them in any way I can. And last but certainly not least, I’ve had more time to simply “be still.”  For in my stillness, I find the answers I am searching for.

In closing, I will leave you with this thought . . .

Sometimes by losing, you win.  And, by giving up something, you gain so much more.






33 thoughts on “5 Things I “LOST” When I Disconnected From Social Media

  1. I am realizing I take “likes” and “follows” far too seriously so recently felt convicted to check such only weekly. I’m checking far less than I used to. Yesterday I did a social media blitz, for over an hour, clicking, pinning, tweeting, and Instagramming. While on Instagram I saw a social media company post “The current trend is it’s better to produce quantity than quality” I became rather uncomfortable and a picture of gerbils going around in their little wheels came to mind. Hundreds of gerbils spinning fast going no where, liking and following other gerbils spinning fast going nowhere. All cheering each other on, as they each go no where fast. The thought wasn’t entertaining as I realized how easy it is for me to spin on hoping other gerbils will approve me going no where fast. Thank you for your post!

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  2. I so agree with you!! Social media is addictive and such a time-sucker in addition to the things you “lost.” For those reasons, I purposefully stay away from most of social media except I do check Facebook daily, mainly because my blog is connected to it. You’re wise to have taken this realistic look at it and “fast” successfully. 🙂

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  3. You know what? In the post you liked today? I relate my water miracle, but! Your article? It makes me realize a bigger miracle has taken place. I am not any longer hooked on the Internet or my children or anyone or anything that I was hooked on before.

    Your article made me see something I did not record. When I found out I had electricity? I did not dropped everything and ran to my computer. Nay! I forgot all about the computer and all connected to it for quite a while, until? It came to me, Ah! the electricity is back. I can turn on the computer now.

    Nothing like the panic from before. no big emergency to resort to all kinds of means to connect! What a difference! I totally connect with what you wrote in this article. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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