Rejoice Always!

“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather”


When I read this quote immediately it caught my attention.  It makes perfect sense! Several years ago, however, I can honestly say, not so much!  As with all great life lessons, this one took me quite some time to learn.

For me, most of my life I HAVE been the sky and the weather simultaneously.  There was always “the sky” (me) and “the weather” (circumstances).  I was not capable of separating the two.  Each time a “circumstance” would arise in my life there I’d go following it.  When it was positive, I was filled with joy and peace.  When it was negative, sadness would set in and I would ride the “why me” train. Each day I’d allow outside circumstances to get inside of me.  And so many times my life felt much like riding a rollercoaster.  I was up when things were up, and down when things were down.


But the bible says “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”  God says “rejoice in him ALWAYS!”  He doesn’t say rejoice when things are going our way, or when it’s sunny outside.  He doesn’t say rejoice when the doctor’s report is a good one, or when the kids are making wise choices.  He says, REJOICE ALWAYS!  Don’t allow outside circumstances to get inside of you.  Much like the clouds in the sky in constant movement, so are your circumstances.  Allow them to come and then pass by you knowing they are here only for a season. You see everything passes.  EVERYTHING!

Let’s practice to become so grounded that while the storms of life are raging outside, we are not moved.  Much like the sky, we are to be steady and stable.  Remember the weather is ever changing, and so are life’s circumstances.



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