God Fights For Us


Just the other day as I was talking to a close friend the subject of fighting came up.  To clarify, she wasn’t referring to truly fighting as in an actual physical fight, but rather she was referring to having an argument with someone.  So she began to share how someone that was very dear to her had done something unforgivable and unimaginable.  They had lied, cheated and had been extremely manipulative.  She was feeling hurt and betrayed and truthfully wanted to give them a piece of her mind.  So, she proceeds to share details about all the things she was going to say.  A play by play on how she was going to fight her battle.

And as I sat there actively listening to how she was planning on defending herself I heard the holy spirit say, “Allow God to fight your battles.”

Later that night I thought about how much better this world would be if we did just that; Allow God to fight our every battle.  You see friends, God can do a much better job at defending us.   When we handle matters on our own accord you know as well as I do, that we can, and oftentimes do, make a big mess of things.  We complicate matters by allowing our injured egos to speak for us.  But the truth is at some point in our lives someone will hurt us and unfair things will happen.  Life is not fair, but God is a God of justice.  And when we allow Him, he will make wrong things right.

We are never alone to fight for ourselves, not ever!  Seek God first and He will fight our battles.


Stay strong!  He loves you. He fights for you. He is with you.


“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still”

Exodus 14:14


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