When Confused, Be Still


During confusing times our job is to sit still and to wait.

When you feel confused, when you do not know what to do, and you don’t see a clear path, this is the time to be still.

Because it is in that stillness, that you will find God’s peace.

And in that peace you will begin to think clearly.


Good Riddance Irma!

We made it through the storm! 

This past weekend all of Florida came face to face with Hurricane Irma, and it wasn’t pretty!  Strong winds, rain, and tornadoes hit our beautiful state with fury!  She came through on a mission, showing no mercy for anyone or anything in her path!

Thankfully, my family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors all survived the storm unharmed!

Today however, there are still many fences down and porches that were standing, now lay somewhere else.  There are power lines on streets and tons of trees, branches, and debris all over the place. But I still have family to love, friends to laugh with, and a home to go to.  God is so GOOD!

As I write this post I am still without power.  Parts of my neighborhood remain without electricity since the early morning hours of Sunday and it’s been rough, to say the least. The current count of homes without power, in my county alone is over 300,000.



Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, as I am fully aware at how much worse it could’ve been!  There are people in our state that have lost their homes, cars, and all their possessions.  They have been left with absolutely nothing!  Others have lost family members.  Just yesterday, I read a post of a woman that lost her brother, her “best friend” as she referred to him, and my heart broke!  I cannot even imagine what she is going through right now!


A New Day

I’m not going to lie, to say that I have been feeling distressed and frustrated this past week is an understatement. My family and I, along with my two dogs, have been living with friends because the heat in my house is unbearable. But as I woke up this sunny, Thursday morning for the first time since the storm, I felt hopeful. Hopeful, because this storm has restored and recharged my faith in humanity. The people in our beautiful state are HEROES.  Not only have our first responders worked tirelessly around the clock, but our neighbors, friends, and people I’ve never met have offered their assistance.  We have banned together tighter than a pack of wolves!

Last week, many of us here in Florida were strangers, but today WE ARE FAMILY!  All of us on the same boat, rowing with our individual paddles, yet navigating towards a common destination.

And this morning I am convinced that our boat will not sink, for our resolve is strong, our faith is fierce and God remains in control.



You Will Encounter Bridges

On the road to happiness, you will encounter bridges.

And so you will be faced with a decision to either, turn back around, stay put, or cross the bridge.

If you listen to fear . . .

It will tell you to turn back around. Fear says to run back as fast as you can!  Stay with what you know, in familiar territory. Fear demands for you to stay safe, that way you won’t get hurt!

If you listen to worry . . .

It will tell you to stay put.  It will encourage you to remain stagnant.  It will convince you that if you take even the smallest of risks, you will lose! Worry will make you feel small and insecure enough to overshadow that which you already know.

But when you listen to faith . . .

No doubt, you will step out!  Faith will tell you to move forward.  To keep going and cross your bridge. Faith will encourage you to listen to that quiet voice inside you.  That voice whispering and reminding you that where you’re at doesn’t feel quite right!

Don’t allow the voice BESIDE you to be louder than the voice INSIDE you.

The truth is, you won’t reach your destiny without opposition.

But if you keep pushing ahead and keep moving forward . . .


You will soon find that your true happiness is waiting for you just on the other side of your bridge!



He Found Me

Early this year, I was asked by a friend to come join a group of people in a walk they refer to as “Prayer Run” for the purpose of  helping her organization “Children’s Impact Network.”

My friend along with her husband founded this organization many years ago. Through this organization, they rescue abandoned and abused children in Bolivia and Honduras.  Once rescued, Children’s Impact Network cares for each child by providing food, shelter, and education!  They provide a Christ-Centered, loving environment throughout their lives, up until adulthood.  It is a calling and their life mission!

Once we completed the several mile walk, we approached a table.  On that table my eyes saw for the first time, many pictures of children that had been rescued by this wonderful organization.  Many of them had been abused and abandoned.

I carefully looked at all the pictures, one by one admiring all the beautiful, innocent faces.  My mind was racing all the while trying to wrap my head around the fact that they had been abandoned!  While looking at each picture, I can tell you I felt inspired by each one of them!  But I waited for “the one.” 

And so after several minutes, there he was, Cristhian!  For reasons unknown to me, his picture stood out above the rest. He was calling out to me, asking for help, and I answered.

That day, I left with a full heart!  I came home and placed his picture on my refrigerator, asked for God’s guidance and then I waited.

Several weeks past before we made the decision to sponsor this ONE child.  By sponsoring him we are helping him get fed, clothed, educated and most importantly he will hear the word of God, daily!

Two days ago, I received this beautiful letter from the little fellow.  In his letter, written with colorful markers, he writes, “Thank you for everything you do for me. I love you.”


With tears in my eyes and a heart full of joy, receiving his letter truly humbled me!

You see, I have always believed that each of us is here for a greater purpose. 

And so for the first time, the knowledge of this, for me, became a reality all because . . .



If you would like to help one of these children, or would like to learn more about this wonderful organization you can visit their website here:





Some things don’t need to be “handled.”

They need to be “unhandled.”

Nothing requires more self-control than withdrawing the attempt to control.

If something ended, accept it.

Let it go!

 If God allowed it, it’s because He has something better in store for you!


You don’t become what you want.  You become what you believe.



The questions is, “What do YOU believe?”

Do you believe that you are worthy of happiness?

Worthy of success, abundance, fulfillment?

Worthy of comfort, joy, peace?

Worthy of love?

Do you know all these things are your BIRTHRIGHT?

Is that what YOU believe?  Or do you believe something else?

TODAY, start believing and have faith that YOU ARE worthy of all these things and much, much more!

Because you will manifest what you believe!


“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed . . .  Nothing will be impossible for you.”                                    ~Matthew 17:20