Looking Forward


Faith is trusting in the goodness of God that time and reality have not yet caught up with.

During our trials if we look forward in hope it will change everything!


Rejoice Always!

“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather”


When I read this quote immediately it caught my attention.  It makes perfect sense! Several years ago, however, I can honestly say, not so much!  As with all great life lessons, this one took me quite some time to learn.

For me, most of my life I HAVE been the sky and the weather simultaneously.  There was always “the sky” (me) and “the weather” (circumstances).  I was not capable of separating the two.  Each time a “circumstance” would arise in my life there I’d go following it.  When it was positive, I was filled with joy and peace.  When it was negative, sadness would set in and I would ride the “why me” train. Each day I’d allow outside circumstances to get inside of me.  And so many times my life felt much like riding a rollercoaster.  I was up when things were up, and down when things were down.


But the bible says “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”  God says “rejoice in him ALWAYS!”  He doesn’t say rejoice when things are going our way, or when it’s sunny outside.  He doesn’t say rejoice when the doctor’s report is a good one, or when the kids are making wise choices.  He says, REJOICE ALWAYS!  Don’t allow outside circumstances to get inside of you.  Much like the clouds in the sky in constant movement, so are your circumstances.  Allow them to come and then pass by you knowing they are here only for a season. You see everything passes.  EVERYTHING!

Let’s practice to become so grounded that while the storms of life are raging outside, we are not moved.  Much like the sky, we are to be steady and stable.  Remember the weather is ever changing, and so are life’s circumstances.


We Are Not Meant To Do Life Alone




Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued.

When they can give and receive without judgement.

What people want to know most is do I matter and does what I say mean anything to you?

Let’s begin by honoring the people God has placed in our lives by creating connections with each of them.

Remember that we are not meant to do life alone.

For As He Thinks In His Heart, So Is He

Positive minds produce positive lives.  Negative minds produce negative lives.

Positive thoughts are always full of faith and hope.

Negative thoughts are always full of fear and doubt.

Some of us are afraid to hope because we have been hurt so many times.

So we put up a shield, and refuse to hope to avoid disappointments.

This type of thinking will set up a negative life.

Be bold, be courageous and dare to think positive thoughts.

No doubt it will be hard, but little by little if you don’t give up,




“It shall be done for you as you have believed.”

Matthew 8:13

Your Emotions Will Betray You Every Time

If you’re anything like me then oftentimes you are allowing your emotions to take the lead. I believe at times both men and women do this. In the face of a difficult situation, we become blinded by our emotions. And so, logic, common sense, and our inner peace immediately go out the window.


The unfortunate thing is that many of us don’t even realize this is going on. I know for me, there have been far too many instances I have handled things while my emotions are in full swing.  I’ve wanted to fix things asap, and so instead of sitting down, thinking things thru and praying for guidance, I act, in hopes that it will just go away.

If I’m being honest, I have allowed my emotions to take the lead far too many times.  And I can tell you that my emotions have betrayed me each time!

Remember that emotions are temporary.  Like the tide, emotions ebb and flow.  They are with us one minute and the next they leave.  So how can we possibly make wise decisions based on something so temporary?

Although it’s inevitable that life will continue to throw curveballs our way, we ultimately have the power to control how we act.

Today, when I am emotional about a circumstance, I handle it quite differently.  First, I have learned to acknowledge my feelings without allowing them to take over.  I take time out to think about things logically and pray for guidance, knowing I always have full access to my father in heaven.  And since now I realize my emotions will subside in time, I am patient with myself and wait.  This allows me to see things clearer without my emotions clouding my thoughts.


And lastly, I remember that like my emotions, circumstances are temporary and they will pass.  After all, everything eventually does.



A Makeover Without Makeup

To me remodeling a home feels much like getting a tooth pulled without Novocain, it’s painful!  During this past week, we have been chipping away at our tile throughout our house replacing it with new and improved floors.  Sounds exciting I know, but it’s a messy business.  We’re still living in our home during the renovations, along with the dust and disorganization that comes with it.

Last night as I walked through my disheveled home, I looked in rooms that still had remnants of old flooring, broken up into little pieces, while other rooms had shiny, new floors installed just hours before.  But my house is a continual work in progress.

This morning while having my cup of coffee I was thinking that much like this renovation, our lives are also a continual work in progress. At times our lives must go through a rebuilding because let’s face it, some changes were necessary.  And no doubt this may feel like we’re being chipped at by someone using a well-tuned chisel causing much pain. Other times we may look and feel disheveled and wonder how we are ever going to get ourselves back up again.

But when our lives go through a makeover, be certain that God is busy at work making us a masterpiece.  We are his work in progress because he wants to make us shiny and new.


And yes, the changes might be messy and painful, but be strong and courageous. Allow God to continue His work, so that you can become all that he created you to be.