Losing Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

The longer I experience this life, the more I realize losing isn’t always a bad thing.

Whether you “lose” a job opportunity, your “dream” house, or what you thought was that “special someone” learn to change your perspective about your loss.

What you consider as a negative can actually be for YOUR benefit.

Maybe  that “thing” you so desperately wanted may not be so good for you after all?  Perhaps this loss you’ve experienced was just what you needed to push you closer to your next steps.  Or maybe, just maybe, hidden deep within this unwanted loss was a lesson so profound allowing your soul to open up and experience deep, positive transformations.

So next time things don’t go quite the way you hoped and you feel you’ve lost, CONSIDER IT ALL JOY!




My “Spiritual Breakfast”


Breakfast. Nutritionists recommend that we start each morning with a well-balanced meal. Our mornings set the tone for the rest of the day. We all know that! In fact, we have all experienced this whether in a positive or negative manner. But what if we think about our mornings a little differently by adding something extra. What if we add a “spiritual breakfast” to our morning routine by feeding not only our bodies, but our spirit. I can tell you in my own life this has had a tremendous impact. In fact I have found that I can have something simple to eat, such as coffee and a piece of toast and feel good. However, if I go without my spiritual breakfast, I feel empty, like something is missing. After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience.

My “spiritual breakfast” consists of reading 7 simple, but powerful spiritual disciplines. Whether I’m going to work, or just sitting on my couch in my pajamas on a Saturday morning, this list gets my day started with a fresh and peaceful perspective.

Here are the 7 spiritual disciplines and a short description of what they mean to me personally:

  1. Celebrate everyday – you woke up this morning, let’s start there. You have food on the table, a place to call home. Celebrate! Life is short!
  2. Be steady on the inside – no matter how crazy the world seems, do not allow that craziness to get inside of you. Breathe!
  3. Be anxious for nothing – anxiety is “fear of the future”. The past is gone and the future is still not here. Learn to live in the here and now. Worry robs our joy. Remember the present is the only moment we truly have.
  4. Pray with gratitude – Start by thinking about 1 or 2 things in your life you can be grateful for and give thanks for that. With practice you can add to your list.
  5. Think about what you think about – this is a BIG one for me! The mind is a powerful thing. Think about positive and good things. And when the bad thoughts start creeping in, just like a T.V., change the channel in your mind. This takes practice and a lot of will power, but the more you do it, the better you will get.
  6. Follow good examples – remember that we learn and teach others not by what we say, but by what we do. Try to do good always and with good intentions. And if you fall short, don’t be too hard on yourself.
  7. Learn to be content – stress happens when we wish our current situation to be different than what it is. Be accepting of your life, your current situation, and what you have or don’t have. Remember things always change!

For me, these spiritual disciplines have been life changing.  Today, my hope is that you can begin to practice saying these spiritual disciplines on a daily basis.  I can assure you little by little these mantras will become a huge part of who you are and will change the way you begin to view your world and those around you.

What IS “That One” Lesson That Has Taken You The Longest Time To Learn?



Last December, I wrote a post entitled  “New Year: Reflect, Learn and Grow” wherein I shared a compilation of things I learned in 2016.

Being that I am a work in progress and a girl attempting to live this life using it as my personal tutor, I would like to share some new things I have learned this year and THAT ONE lesson that has taken me the longest time to learn.

So . . . Here. We. Go!

In 2017 I learned that . . .

Patience is one virtue, that for me, does not come easy.  I learned that the more I seek God, the more He seeks me.  I learned that I discovered some of my deepest friendships out of my most difficult circumstances.  I learned that I am stronger than I realized.  I learned that I can find joy amid pain, because it’s all about perspective.  That my dogs are still givers of unconditional love.  I learned that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, so hang in there!  I learned that traveling fills my soul with immense joy and that I must take the time to do it more often.  I learned that my children are my biggest cheerleaders!  I learned that on certain days, focusing on the blessings in my life is what keeps me afloat.  That spending time alone is the best gift I can give myself.  I learned to finally accept the “what is” in my life and leave the “what if’s” to God.  I learned that looking at the bright side of things is a CHOICE.  I learned that it is MY DUTY to give back every chance I get.  I learned that life is beautiful even when things don’t go my way.  I learned that a quiet mind is essential for my well-being.  I learned that each decision brings about a conflict between head knowledge and heart knowledge and for me, the heart usually wins.  I learned to embrace the unexpected.  I finally learned to invest in myself.  To celebrate the ordinary moments, for they each add up to what truly matters in life.  I learned that I bring something special into this world that no one else has. We ALL do!  I learned that many things that happen around me are NOT always about me.  I learned that when all else fails, Pray!

In closing, I believe we ALL have that “ONE” lesson that no matter how many times it shows up in our life, it takes us a LONG TIME to learn!

Here’s a short clip of  “Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday” wherein she asks the very important question, “What lesson has taken you the longest to learn?”


For me, the ONE LESSON that has taken me the longest to learn is the following . . .

“Since we are ALL on our own personal journey, no matter how much I may try, I cannot help another person on THEIR journey.  Because it’s personal, they alone MUST do the work for themselves.” So I have learned, in those times, to “LET GO AND LET GOD.”

What lesson has taken you the longest to learn?

Be. Here. Now.




Learn how to spend more of your time in the Present.  You see, the future, as we know it, does not really exist. When you gaze into your tomorrow, making predictions or arranging plans, you are simply exercising your imagination. 

God alone has access to our future.

Learning to live in the present moment is vital to your well-being.  Because living in the past can cause depression and living in the future can cause anxiety, we are to live ONLY in the present moment.

Become free of the need to live in another time.  And if you begin to wander into your future, making assumptions, remind yourself that this is your imagination taking over.  For the future we do not know yet, and the past is gone.

Enjoy today and have a peaceful Sunday.

11 Things I Wish I knew Eleven Years Ago



1. In life the only constant is change.

Embrace the good times, the rough times, and the mundane. Remember seasons are a part of life.

2. Be courageous and go for your dreams head on.

If God placed an idea in your mind, it’s because he’s equipped you with what you need to make them come true.

3. Your true friends will always be by your side.

True friends walk right beside you, in sickness and in health.

4. Learn to see at least one good thing in everyone.

Even when it’s difficult to do so.

5. What others think of you doesn’t matter.

What matters is what you think of yourself.

6. Cherish Your Parents.

No matter your relationship with your parents, you will always miss them when their gone.  Spend as much time with them as you can.

7. Crying doesn’t show weakness.

On the contrary it shows great strength, because you’re acknowledging the truth instead of denying it.

8. You attract what you show the world.

If you want love, compassion, and kindness, show that to the world, and in turn it will come back to you.

9. Failure is only one step closer to success.

When you don’t get what you want, you get experience.

10. Forgive people that have hurt you.

Remember you’re not doing it for them, you’re doing it for yourself.

11.  Even if you’re going through difficulties, remember life is always beautiful.



In The Blink Of An Eye . . .


In the blink of an eye our lives can take a drastic turn. 

I learned this valuable lesson at the ripe age of twenty. Unfortunately, this came from losing someone very dear to me. Hard lesson to learn so young, and although I was forever changed, thank God I persevered!

We learn our best lessons from the most difficult times in our lives.

And so, it goes . . .

We can’t have sunshine without rain.

 Laughter without tears.

 For to stand on the mountaintop, we must first walk in the valley.  

 It’s just the way it is!

I was reminded this past week how VERY FRAGILE life is.  A harsh reminder, but I guess it was THAT time again. . . “reminder time”.  Now and then we need a little jolt, not only to set us back on track, but to set those around us as well.

And so, as I move forward with this realization, I proceed with renewed clarity.

I love a little deeper,

Laugh a bit louder,

Hug people tighter, and

Live this one life like there is no tomorrow.

For in the blink of an eye it can all change.








Embrace your humble beginnings

Grow in your time

Don’t allow external forces to bring you down

Stand tall

Always remain calm and breathe

Stay grounded

Ride out the storm

Learn change from leaves

Embrace your natural beauty

Grow so tall and big that you can always offer shelter to people around you!

Celebrate Earth Day!

April 22, 2017



Through The Eyes Of A Child



Paulo Coelho has said that . . .

“A child can teach an adult three things:

 to be happy for no reason,

 to always be busy with something,

and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.”

Being an adult is a constant reminder of our responsibilities, all the while forgetting how to LIVE LIFE FULLY.  We remember to be an active participant of the “rat race” while forgetting what it’s like to “slow down and smell the roses.”

As adults, I believe we can learn much when we view the world through the eyes of a child.

Here are 5 beautiful ways in which children live and the valuable lessons they teach us!


Children don’t dwell on the past and certainly do not worry about the future.  They fully enjoy the HERE AND NOW! For them, the present moment IS the only moment!


Children always say what’s on their mind.  They say what they mean, and truly mean what they say, making no apologies for it.  They have not been jaded, so for them HONESTY is the only way.


Children get upset at each other, THEN they get over it.  They apologize when it’s appropriate and move on.  They don’t dwell on what was done to them and “rehash” a situation.  It happens, they argue, they forgive. DONE!


Their love is pure and their motives are genuine.  They love without an agenda and hold nothing back. They feel free to express their love without reservations.


Children understand the simplicity of just being themselves.  They don’t get caught up in trying to impress anyone. They don’t place emphasis on how they may come across to others, THEY JUST ARE!

 Through My Eyes

I know children are supposed to learn from me, but through the years, as I’ve watched them closely, I am aware of how much MORE they have taught me!

And although they are oblivious to how much of an impact they’ve had,

I would be a fool not to follow their lead on how to live this one life!