Dog Wisdom

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My dog is a great example of the goodness that exists in living beings!

He lives life in the moment and each day shows me what it is to love unconditionally. He’s always happy to do what makes me HAPPIER!

But the one thing I admire most about him however is his keen ability to be AUTHENTIC!

So today, I would like to share with you 5 lessons in authenticity we can all learn from our pups.

If you want something, simply ask!

Don’t complicate things.  Say what you mean and ask for what you truly want.

Be content with the simple things in life!

Take long walks with a special friend, relax with a warm cup of coffee, or read a good book. Be grounded in the simple things!

If it looks like fun, go for it!

Spend time with the people who fill your heart with joy, travel, explore, take naps and take risks. You only get ONE life, enjoy it as much as possible!

Squirrels are fast, but don’t be intimidated!

There will always be someone one step ahead of you.  But it doesn’t matter!  Don’t look around, instead look ahead and follow your OWN PATH.

Wag and the world wags with you!

Show the world . . . Love. Hope. Joy. Kindness. Compassion. And your personal best! Rest assured these things will eventually be making a U-Turn!

What lessons have YOU learned from your dog?  Would love to hear from you!





Waiting is Not Wasted Time


Often though, it seems to be!

If you’re like me, then you probably dislike waiting. Whether we’re waiting for trivial things such as our phone to charge, or more serious things such as a big life decision, waiting can be difficult for us all.  While we’re waiting we often become tense and anxious, wondering how long will this take?

But what if we’re thinking about waiting in all the wrong ways?

What if our waiting was valuable time, instead of wasted time in our lives?

I would like to suggest five ways in which you can GROW while you’re waiting.


Waiting can provide much needed clarity and knowledge.  It buys us the time we need for reflection to occur. During our reflection time, our mind becomes clearer with knowledge, allowing for perspective and wisdom.


Waiting has a way to bring out the best and worst in us.  If you don’t wait to see things through, then that’s a sign to revisit your motives. The truth is, maybe you weren’t as interested as you previously thought.


The word “waiting” has a negative connotation.  So, while you’re having to wait, don’t see it as you’re “accomplishing nothing.”  Instead see it as God’s timing. Trust that it WILL happen!


Waiting has a way of rubbing off the rough edges in our lives.  When we are placed in a season of waiting, our character grows and is strengthened. And isn’t that a good thing?


When we grow accustomed to waiting for the small stuff, that allows us opportunities to get better at waiting for the bigger stuff.  Our patience will allow us to appreciate our outcome that much more!


 Don’t get discouraged!

Sometimes WHAT WE LEARN AND WHO WE BECOME in the process of waiting is even more important than what we’re waiting for!