The Best Advice I Ever Got . . .

For the times I’ve failed . . .

The best advice I ever got was a Hug.



For the times I’ve lost my way . . .

The best advice I ever got was a gentle nudge.

For the times I’ve misunderstood others . . .

The best advice I ever got was an open heart.

For the times I’ve been upset, angry or irrational . . .

The best advice I ever got was unconditional love.

For the times I wasn’t the best friend, sister, mom, or daughter I could be . . .

The best advice I ever got was forgiveness.

Sometimes the best advice you can give someone doesn’t involve using words.


It’s Not What You Say!



There must be a million ways to express yourself through using words.  We love to say “warm and fuzzy” things to people because if we’re honest, saying them makes US feel better. We also have an internal motivation for doing it as well.  You see, when we say what others want to hear, we are well liked, accepted, and included.

But let’s face it, words can deceive!  It’s easy for someone to say just about ANYTHING.  And if you add a nice little smile to what you’re saying, then you’ve “got it in the bag!”

Let’s remember . . . IT’S NOT WHAT YOU SAY, IT’S WHAT YOU DO!

It’s easy to talk.  It takes minimal effort to tell someone you care, or you’re thinking about them.  It takes about 1 minute to write a little comment on social media, or send a quick text.  Truthfully, anyone can do that!

And there is nothing wrong with this, except that you never really know how much honesty there is behind it? Remember anyone can say what they think you want to hear and oftentimes, when given the chance, that’s exactly what they will do.

But “doing” is a verb!

Words are great, but it is only when they are followed by action that they make the most impact!  Action however, takes effort! Doing for others or showing you care takes you out of your comfort zone.  It interrupts your “daily plans.” It inconveniences you!

Don’t be fooled by words.  Use your judgment to recognize truth from fiction.  Use the intuition God equipped you with to distinguish between when someone is genuine or not.

And once you put this into practice, surround yourself with the people who will actually “DO” for you, and not just “SAY” they will!

Keep in mind . . .

While someone’s words make a SOUND, it’s their actions that SCREAM!